Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member?

You can become a member if you agree to our shared organizing principles. We ask that you join us for a few meetings before signing on to our principles so you have a sense of what we’re about and the type of organizing we’re doing.

When do you have meetings?

In- person meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month.

*Remote meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic are held every Thursday from 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm over Zoom. During this time period, meetings alternate every other week between regular LWRF business and a reading group about the non-profit industrial complex*  

What are you working on right now?

Currently we are organizing around issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic such as the cancel rent campaign, the “virtual re-opening” of the courts, and being in solidarity with organizations working to free people who are incarcerated. You can find the LWRF COVID-19 statement on our home page. As mentioned above, we are also examining the ways in which the nonprofit industrial complex affects radical organizing and the role we play as employees of nonprofits in our bi-weekly reading group.

How do I get more information and start organizing with LWRF?

You can join our email list to get more information about our organizing and upcoming meetings by filling out the contact form on our home page, or by emailing